"President Lindsay and I first met at an awareness dinner held at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City nine or ten years ago. The organizers had invited me to display the Foundation’s fossil collection in the dining hall. I asked a colleague of mine, who had a fossil collection as well, to bring some of his specimens and as a result we compiled quite an impressive display. Well, when President Lindsay entered the dining hall and saw this vast fossil display he almost lost his appetite! He immediately inquired who owned the collection and that lead him to me. That night he invited me to come with the fossil collection to speak to the student body at CFNI. Since then, I have been invited to lecture at CFNI on several occasions. On one such occasion President Lindsay took me around the campus and showed me places where he thought a museum could be housed. He said to me, "If you will come to CFNI and build a Museum of Earth History, I will provide the building for it.“ Well, as they say - the rest is history." -
Dr Thomas Sharp, president Creation Truth Foundation.
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