Phase I - From 2006 to 2009.
 President  Lindsay and Christ For The Nations Institute have graciously made available  over 20,000 square feet in their Freda Lindsay missions building, a 2.5 million  dollar contribution, for the prototype home of the museum. Dr. Sharp has  contributed many dinosaur fossils and artifacts from the Foundation’s large collection, a $700,000 dollar investment, and is currently assisting in the acquisition of many other scientific exhibits. The building is almost ready for the museum’s permanent exhibit construction to begin.
Phase I Outcomes: 3.2 Million dollars in facilities and artifacts.
Phase II - 2010 to Present
We are currently in phase II of completion (this phase consists of the designing of displays, procurement of artifacts, DVD development, budgetary analysis, creation of an internet presence, preparation of optional marketing material). The estimated cost for completion of phase II is $150,000.00. It is estimated that this phase will take approximately six months to one year to complete. We need people who are willing to invest in the Kingdom to come in on the ground floor of this exciting project.  

Phase II Outcomes: 150,000 dollars Master Planning, Marketing and Fund Development

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Phase III - Pending
This phase consists of the actual construction and installation of the displays. The estimated cost for completion of phase III is $3.7 million dollars. This will
be one of the largest Bible honoring cultural centers in the southeastern United States. You can effectively help us accomplish this project by donating any amount and sharing this wonderful opportunity with your friends and family. The Museum of Earth History (Dallas) is a 501c(3) corporation and all donations are tax-exempt. Send donations to: Museum of Earth History, 444 Fawn Ridge Dr., Dallas, TX, 75224 or contact: 214-302-6207 ,
Phase III Outcomes: $3.6 Million dollars preparation and installation of permanent exhibits.
Phase IV - Pending
This final phase consisting of the creation of the MOEH operational endowment, which will exist to ensure the sustainability of the MOEH’s day to day operational concerns. The estimated cost for completion of phase 4 is $1 million dollars.
Phase IV Outcomes: 1 Million dollars for the creation of the operational endowment.