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MOEH-Dallas is set apart from other creation museums by its inclusion of history yet to come. Acknowledging that our Creator gave us both His account of what He did “In the beginning...” and what He will do when He brings His creation to its conclusion, we believe that we can affirm His words of intention without taking a definitive position on how He will wrap up history. In the same way we can also affirm His creation without knowing all of the details surrounding it. Therefore, we believe that we can bring the greatest clarity of who our Creator is, and what has been His Plan since the foundation of the world

We recognize that scientific proof of the Biblical account of origins and historical events will always be subject to challenges by other interpretations of the data, therefore MOEH-Dallas will construct its displays and present its evidence in a way that honors the Word of God and sound scientific principles. Each exhibit will reflect the cumulative result of consultation with many recognized scientists and academicians, each in their respective disciplines, for accuracy of content and conclusions shown in each display.

Our vision for the Museum of Earth History isn't confined to the current blueprint, or even the current space. Once we've established the main museum we are planning to develop new spaces on adjoining properties for our "Creation Garden," and "Dinosaur Reserve."