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Can't seem to find the time to visit the Museum of Earth History, or maybe you would like to have more time to study and consider these amazing animals? Not a problem: we can bring them to you!  Boasting one of the largest mobile displays of life-sized research fossil replicas in the nation, The Truth About Dinosaurs has appeared before thousands and is assured to bring clarity and Biblical reality to these wonderful creatures of God’s creation. The mobile museum is presented by Dr. G. Thomas Sharp and his fantastic staff from the Creation Truth Foundation. Besides being able to meet Stan, the second largest T-Rex in the world, you will view displays ranging from the iconic Triceratops to a coprolite (dinosaur poop!) a little smaller than a basketball and you will get to meet Dr. Sharp and his team, who will guide you through the history of Genesis and the importance it plays in your Biblical worldview answering such questions as:

Were dinosaurs on the ark of Noah?
Could dinosaurs and man have lived together?

They say that fact is stranger than fiction!
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