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The Museum of Earth History is dedicated to presenting the Biblical world-view of God's sovereign and supernatural creation of everything in the world. Here you will see an aspect of the glory of God's creation, as evidenced in the variety of fossils on display.

Your tour will begin in our museum foyer, where you will be able to view two fine dinosaur specimens. You will be enthralled by the wonder of creation, as you are fascinated by the uniqueness of these animals.

Gallery 1
Here we consider and challenge ourselves as to the way we look at our past, our present, and our future. Our minds will ask the questions, 'Does the Bible really mean that?' How could all this be done in only six days! We will also become closely aquainted with many different dinosaur species, each with their own charm and peculiarities.

We then follow the dinosaur footprints down the hallway, headed towards Gallery 2. On the way we will encounter a number of display window stations that will enthrall the curious mind. How awesome is the God of creation!

Gallery 2
This is the maritime gallery, where the dinosaurs of the deep are seen. You will be confronted with a large and startling fossil that once ruled the oceans. Other exhibits will give you pause to consider what once lived in the seas. You will view Noah's Ark in a whole new light, as you consider what God did through the flood.

Thank you for considering our creation museum. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you, as you enjoy a different museum experience.

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