Some 6,000 years ago the earth was formless and void, darkness was over the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God moved over the surface of the waters. And then with an almighty command the Lord broke through the darkness with light and the earth has never been the same since.  Recognizing that an all powerful and sovereign God, a God of unparalleled creativity and magnificence is central in human history and such will not be completed until the final chapter has been finished, Dinosaurs, Design and Destiny will bring a greater understanding to the plan of our Creator, while at the same time captivating your imagination. In a factual and entertaining manner, this program, with its rich graphics and sounds will address the most frequently asked questions about dinosaurs, questions that science alone cannot answer:
Origins science - it’s belief system versus belief system?
Did dinosaurs really exist?
When did they exist?
Where are they now?
Why is the word "dinosaur" not in the Bible?
Were dinosaurs on Noah's ark?

And many more...

More than fifteen world-class dinosaur, mammal and reptile skeletons
accompany this presentation. These life-sized research replicas embody
some of the most celebrated fossils known in the paleontological
community and will open your eyes to the wonders of God’s amazing
creation. The tour will be concluded with a visit to the MOEH theatre
where the guest will view a 10 minute presentation of Creation Minutes by Eric Hovind - Dr Dino of Creation Science Evangelism.

Come and learn how dinosaurs were a part of God's design and destiny!
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